The Diana Dors Blue Plaque unveiling

Sunday 11th Feb 2018. done by Diana's Son Jason Dors-Lake & Vicki Michelle

plus many other friends, there was a great get together with the many fans.


See some of the photos from the day

Early Morning by

The Great River Ouse

Riverside Park,Godmachester.

 Heritage Foundation Christmas party

Royal Garden Hotel 3rd Dec 2017


Its been difficult to choose the

best photos from the event


Scheveningen beach, The Hague


Taking time to recharge my batteries by the sea. The weather was great long walks along the beach.

part of my 2016 photographic exhibition,Colour and Light


Pillar of Light


As I entered into St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. 09.2011

The size the beautiful light being thrown around this Cathedral just took my breath away, a place of calm reflection.

This image it was the reflected light that caught my attention. I believe a new pulpit was being built with these tall concrete pilers, The reflected light from the stained glass window with the light falling from autumn sun casting shards of light over an adjacent stone pillar splitting along the side reaching right to the top of the ceiling. producing this beautiful image which I do believe is now cast within the finished pulpit.



I am really proud to be displaying this beautiful picture

in my Colour & Light exhibition. Specially printed on highest quality paper and placed under a high gloss special resin, backed onto an aluminium panel which look great.

Size 105 x 70 cm


Pillar of Light

A beautiful riverside walk where the water comes from a string of ponds. The river is called L'Argentine, La Hulpe in Belgium. It is known as the silver river which comes across with the light shining down. Taken in the parkland of  the

Solvay Castle, Sonian Forest, Oct 2015.

While I was waiting for the ultimate colour display of autumn with the trees changing colour almost overnight, this why I went in search for colour. Yet the image I've chosen is made up of soft warm colours. Hope you enjoy. Nov 2015

Hi everybody, I'm  feeling really proud of myself. I went for a long walk in the forest mushroom hunting again this year

and here the find the toadstool that I've been wanting to photograph for a long while. October 2015

Each year just before the Autumn arrives and the beautiful colours of the changing season, I find the wild flowers start

go die back maybe being replaced by berries and of cause Mushrooms as the ready food for the wild life to survive the winter. I enjoyed going for a long walk with Sasha searching

for mushrooms always great fun then coming along this

really magical toadstools I then took my husband on

the same walk just so I could see them again

Fly Agaric Toadstool Taken on  one of my walks  in  the parkland of  the Solvay Castle, Sonian Forest, Belgium.

Last weekend we had the street market in La Hulpe High Street, which is always great fun with the fair for the children and lots of stalls where the town folk get to sell all their unwanted wares, while we get to buy new clothes, ornaments and even cars. Most of the shops put their goods on the path, money off clothes, wine bars and freshly cooked food. What more can you want from a good day out. It was was sunny most of the weekend. 1st October 2015

When I see old greenhouses I want to stop and check them out but most of the time they are on private land. The gardens were open to the public so I went round a couple of times, the green houses in the grounds were built at different times. I will add an album of photos next time I update. Today the Sun's shining so I'm off out for a walk.

Taken in the grounds of L'ecole de L'Horticulture

I have enjoyed a few long walks Long Walks around the Sonian Forest and Parkland mostly into the forest, my goal was to search for mushrooms & toadstools as this is the best this time of year to see them. I already knew some of the places to visit and search from last year. I'm sorry for not putting names but I’m not so confident in the differences, maybe one day I'll sort the names.5th Oct 15

I’ve spent a lot of my time relaxing going through photos and came across quite a few  images that I hadn’t seen for a while some I liked so much I could not believe I took them,so I have enjoyed reliving the memories of the days gone by. Here it is my new web site Sep 2015. It isn't finished yet but I thought I would do it as I went along.


Lesley's angels

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